Valérie Pralong is research director at the CNRS in the CRISMAT Crystallography and Materials Sciences laboratory in Caen. She obtained her doctorate in materials science from the Picardie Jules Verne University in 2000 on alkaline batteries. After three years of post-doctoral internship on the research of new materials for Li-ion batteries, she joined the CNRS in 2003 as a researcher.

Valérie Pralong’s topic is to explore and prepare new materials, new structures as well as tuning their physical or chemical properties of materials by soft chemistry or electrochemistry in order to generate original framework in the domain of the energy storage, focusing on the ionic conductors.

Transition metal polyanionic frameworks, oxides as well as sulfides are explored as electrode materials for Li/Na ion batteries as well as solid state electrolyte. This topic has been the subject of 163 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 9 patents these last ten years. Since 2011, she has managed more than 14 national, EU and international research programs, supervised 10 PhD as well as 6 young researchers and co-supervised 7 PhD students.